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How Do You Know If You Need A Fractional CFO?
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The term fractional CFO is one of the greatest business secrets in the market place. A fractional CFO is not a full time employee, therefore requiring less overhead expense. At the same time, a properly placed part time CFO can offer sage advice, guidance and financial reporting that can change the trajectory of any small business. When your business requires the duties and fulfillment of a CFO, look no further than Clarity Consulting.
"What sets Clarity Consulting apart from the typical outsourced bookkeeping company? Easy...we specialize in Fractional CFO programs that increase your profit margins." - Becca Harper - Founder/Owner, Clarity Consulting
Josh Rhodes
Founder/CEO of Big Lead Gen, Inc
"Simply put: without Becca and the team at Clarity, chaos and confusion would still loom over our company finances like a dark cloud. She brought light and, yes, clarity, to the economic engine of our business....CASHFLOW!"

Justin Wise, Think Digital
“Before I started working with Clarity, I was stressed about money all the time. It was an emotional rollercoaster, and I never quite knew how we were doing as a company. Within three months, Becca and her team had helped me create a system that gave me visibility into our finances, confidence in what we were doing, and peace for the first time since I became an entrepreneur. It's been a year since we started working with Clarity, and I'm not surprised that this was our best year yet with revenues increasing by 21% and net profits up by 105%. I can't recommend these guys enough."

Jeff Goins, bestselling author and entrepreneur
The difference for us in having Clarity on our team and not is the difference between black and red. From day one there has been a proactive and positive action plan towards getting our company where it needs to be. Becca and her team are just the consistency and accountability we needed for our small team to thrive. Becca has brought an experience and knowledge in to our business that has changed not only bottom line from red into black, but our team values. Clarity has been one of the best investments our company has made since day 1!

Phil Sanders, Citizen Supply
What questions you need to ask your fractional cfo
What areas you should plan on budgeting for
How your finances can be presented in a way that makes sense
What numbers are the most important to track
Hi, I’m Becca Harper, founder of Clarity Consulting. As a fractional CFO, we help business owners remove confusion in their finances and provide clarity in day-to-day business function.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve worked with dozens of business owners to create a more black and white understanding of their financials. Instead of confusing and boring excel spreadsheets, we help create a clear picture of current financials and future projections.

With this guide, you’ll learn the exact questions we think through with every single client. When you have clarity with your finances, you’ll experience less stress and more profit.

Don’t miss out on profitability and
growth in your business.
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